Professor Dallas

Race: Human

Status: Alive

Title Professor


Height:petite, shorter than 5'3
Hair:shoulder-length, babyfine medium brown hair
Eyes:large gold framed glasses on her eyes
face:face is small, triangular
Skin tone:pale



Dallas is the resident expert in Albuquerque on Aztecs and she is enthralled by Itzpapalotl.
She eats veal almost every night at the club, Obsidian Butterfly.
Her house is a small ranch with faux adobe walls that glow in the early morning light.

Obsidian Butterfly

Dallas is a paradox because she fears Anita but not Olaf, so Anita doesn't trust her.
She doesn't realize Olaf's fixation on her and at the end of the book, he gives Anita the impression that he is going to kill Dallas. However, he doesn't.

Appearance OB