Name Meaning: Daring, Adventurous

Race: Lycanthrope - Rat

Status: Deceased - Killed by Sylvie

Powers: shapeshift


body: slender
Skin tone:dark



Fernando is the son of Padma, and he is his only child.

Bloody Bones

Fernando is responsible for raping Sylvie and Vivian, and torturing them as well as Gregory and Hannah.
He is called petit batard by Gideon.
When Anita was about to kill his father, Padma, she gave him a choice. Either she would kill him, or she wanted Fernando's life with no reprecussions. Padma gave Fernando to Anita who then gave both him and Liv to Sylvie and the pack.
It is intimated that Sylvie kept a few "souvenirs" of his.

Appearance BB