Name Meaning: Alive

Race: Lycanthrope - Leopard

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift

had sex with: Stephen, Fernando(rape), Gabriel

Boyfriend:Stephen Dietrich

Hair: brunette
body:small, slender, perfectly proportioned
Skin tone:African-American


Burnt Offerings

When the council came to St. Louis, Elizabeth was summoned by Padma and she brought other wereleopards with her, Cherry, Zane, Gregory, and Vivian.
Vivian was subsequently beaten by Padma and given trinkets for everything she survived. Later, when Anita bargained for her release, she was given over to Fernando who raped her.

Narssus in Chains

Vivian is currently Stephen's girlfriend and the two of them share an apartment, despite the fact that she is a wereleopard and he is a werewolf.
She shows up to go to the lupar with Anita and the leopards to save Gregory.
When they are all sharing memories hers is of being in bed with Stephen.
When Anita is crying over Richard, she (and all the leopards) go to bed and comfort Anita. When Anita wakes up she is told Vivian and Stephen took Gregory back to their place.

Appearance BO, NiC