Race: Human

Status: Alive

Title Special Agent

Hair:cut close to his head in a low, well-groomed wedge
body:tall and slender
Skin tone:dark enough to be called to be black


Obsidian Butterfly

His fingers are long and slender, making Anita think about a poet or musician.
Franklin came in with Agent Bradley, but doesn't get along with him.
He objects to Anita and Edward being at the crime scene at a house in Albuquerque.
Franklin is angry because even though the investigation is going towards the possibility of a monster killer, he thinks it is a human perpetrator and he takes his anger out on Anita and Edward.


He is now working with Special Agent Fox, having been transfered by Agent Bradley
He still doesn't like Anita
Anita figures out he may have psychic ablities

Appearance OB, M