Name Meaning: Climbing Vine Plant

Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita




Hair:brown hair cut short, with the sides shaved
Eyes: brown
Piercings: Silver stud earrings glittered up the curve of her ear with a long one, a green enamel leaf on a silver chain, dangling from her left ear
Skin tone:


Bloody Bones

Ivy was wearing a red leather dress when she first met Jean-Claude, Anita, Larry and Jason.
She tries to play with Jean-Claude at the beginning, but soon realizes her power doesn't match his. Yet. Anita considers her a baby master, although Ivy is not powerful enough to note that while Anita is Jean-Claude's acknowledged human servant, she has no marks on her.
She probably brought Bruce over.
Anita killed her with a machete when Ivy came during one of her zombie raisings. The resulting blood is strong enough to bring Rawhide and Bloody Bones to life

Appearance BB