Name Meaning: God Peace

Race: Human, then Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by fire

Age fifteen or sixteen

siblings: Ellie

Height:about 5'3
Hair:black and superfine
Body: slender like a willow
Face:His skin is still baby soft, with no pimples and far from the age of shaving


Bloody Bones

Jeff is the only calm one in the family when Ellie was killed. Anita talks with him to determine the details surrounding her death. He was the one to tell her about Andy.
He is about fifteen or sixteen years old, but he looks about twelve, except for his eyes. With the death of his sister, they had taken on a harder edge.
Jeff is forced by Janos to take off his cross so that he can be taken away from the family. He is then used as an additional hostage against Anita and gang.
Jeff was brought over by Xavier, but then was subsequently killed with him when Anita had the police set fire to the Bloody Bones bar and grill.

Appearance BB