Name Meaning: The New House

Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by fire


Features He has pale white skin with white hair, and his irises are scarlet as opposed to the red of an albino.



Xavier is a vampire that prefers younger boys and prepubescent girls for his prey. Once he is finished with them, he gives them over to Rawhead and Bloody Bones.
Xavier uses a sword, much in the same way as Bloody Bones did, which would point to a possible fey origin.

Bloody Bones

When Anita saw his eyes, she thought that Xavier was fey. He didn't deny it, but circumvented the question by pointing out that fey cannot become vampires.
Xavier brought Andy over, who in turn brought Ellie over. When Andy was killed by Anita, Xavier took over "caring" for Ellie, who was now called Angela. He and her fed off of Ms. Harrison.
With Anita's help, Xavier killed Rawhead and Bloody Bones, using his sword made of cold iron.
Xavier also brought Jeff over and was sleeping with him when the Bloody Bones Bar and Grill was set on fire. Both were killed with the others.

Appearance BB