Name Meaning: Flax Colored

Race: Human - Sorcerer

Status: Deceased

Height:close to seven feet tall
weight:five hundred pounds
face:eyes too small for his face, his face is completely hairless



In order to be more powerful and better serve his master, he became a eunuch.

Blue Moon

Linus is a powerful sorcerer that is able to shield his power from Anita.
He admits that he heard his master's voice often, which leads Anita to believe he is probably mentally ill.
Linus has been in jail twice, according to Dolph. Once, for assault with a deadly weapon, and the second time for murder, which was a human sacrifice.
Linus tries to call a demon using Charlotte as a sacrifice, but she is too pure for the demon to use. When Anita breaks the circle holding the demon at bay, it immediately rushes out and kills Linus.

Appearance BM