Name Meaning: Look, Admirable

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Deceased - Killed by Verne through Anita's "request"

Powers: shapeshift

had sex with: Richard


Blue Moon

Mira was one of the werewolves that Richard slept with when Anita chose to be with Jean-Claude.
Because she was scorned by Richard, Mira lured Nathaniel into a D & S tryst. With him tied up, she then gave him over to Colin and his rotting vampires so that he could be used as a "message" for Anita.
Because of what Mira had done, Verne was going to give Anita whatever she wanted to make it right between their clans again. Anita wanted a delay of the vampire meeting and Mira's head in a basket, although the later was meant to be a figure of speech. Verne complied to the letter of the request, and Mira was killed.

Appearance BM