Name Meaning: Dweller Among The Ferns

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Alive


Powers: shapeshifts

Age over 50

wife: Roxanne

Hair:shoulder-length gray hair
body: trim shape
face:a darker mustache. lines in his face



Verne's pack has about 52 werewolves altogether with nine alphas.
Ten years ago, Colin took one of his wolves, Erin, because Verne and his wolves were getting above themselves and forgetting how powerful the vampires were. Erin rotted away and Vern held his hand until he died. So he recognizes the smell of rotting flesh all too readily.

Blue Moon

Verne is the owner of Blue Moon Cabins, where the gang is staying until they can get Richard out of jail.
When Nathaniel had been betrayed by Mira and nearly killed, Anita wanted retribution, but said she wanted Mira's head in a basket. At the lupanar, Verne gives exactly that to her. When Colin's vampires attack, he and his wolves aid her group in fighting them despite the overwhelming odds.
Although Anita promised he would live, Verne killed Terry because he did not want to endanger his pack. Anita demands retribution for that too, and when Verne offers his neck, Anita ends up biting it because the marks with Jean-Claude influence her.
Verne lied to his lupa, Roxanne, and told her that Anita had propositioned him with the bite. He did this because Roxanne is thirty years younger than he is.

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