Name Meaning: Famous Land

Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Powers: shapeshift

Hair:dark with some gray strands
body:clean, strong lines are starting to soften with age



Orlando was a top-rated bounty hunter until he was attacked by a rogue shapeshifter. No one knows which kind of animal it was, and rumors spoke of a wolf, a bear or a leopard. 48 hours after he was attacked by the rogue werewolf, wolf lycanthropy showed up in his bloodstream. Because of this, he went out and sought the most dangerous jobs, getting infected with multiple forms of lycanthropy so that by the time his first full moon came, he shifted into multiple predatory animals.
Before his "accident," Orlando was a staunch advocate for declaring all lycanthropes as non-human and executable on the spot. After the "accident," he mellowed considerably.
Orlando currently does lectures, the most recent one being on the West Coast.
When he came to the Amazon basin, Orlando encountered a tribe of weresnakes.
Orlando wanted to die, but the multiple animals caused him to have a multiple personality. Chimera was one identity who did not wish to die, and so controlled Orlando's personality to prevent his suicidal ways. This was the part of him that did kill, but it had been a small part of him. Now, it was in control.

Narssus in Chains

Eventually, Orlando was killed by Anita when she drained his body of it's life force and then used it to heal her lycanthrope allies.

Appearance NiC