Name Meaning: Lotus

Race: Vampire

Status: Undead

Title Master of Beasts, member of the vampire council

Nicknames: Beastie-boy (Anita)

Powers: control all animals

human servant Captain Thomas Carswell

Animal to call Gideon


Features An Indian, wearing one of those long coat-tunic combinations.



He is part of a triumvirate. His other two are Gideon, who is a weretiger, and Thomas, who is his human servant.

Burnt Offerings

Padma is part of the vampire council, come to determine what is to be done with Jean-Claude and Anita since they killed Oliver.
When given the choice, either his life or the life of his son, Padma chooses to give Fernando's life up. Anita goads him by asking if he is still a good Hindu, believing in karma and reincarnation.

Appearance BO