Name Meaning: Rock

Race: Human

Status: Alive

Age 14(OB), 16(H)

Father: John
Step-father:Edward "Ted" Forrester
siblings: a younger sister, Becca

Hair:rich chestnut, cut short with a wave of bang
Skin tone:



When Peter was 8 years old, a werewolf attacked his father, John. He had a rifle with silver bullets, but had dropped it in the attack. His mother, Donna was unable to react, so he took the rifle and killed the werewolf.
Peter resents the fact that Edward is engaged to his mother and doesn't make life easy for him, although Edward, in his own way, is proud of the youth.

Obsidian Butterfly

When Peter wanted to see vivid pictures from the murder scene, Anita was against it, but Edward allowed him to see them.
Peter was tortured by Amanda by having his pants and underwear removed while she played with his penis until he ejaculated.
Later, Peter is allowed to hold Anita's firestar in his hand, and when they come upon Amanda, who has been torn apart by the Quetzalcoatl, but he still empties his gun into her body.
Peter, Becca, Donna and Edward eventually go in for therapy because of the events of the kidnapping.

The Harlequin

Appearance OB