Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Aikensen

Features White blonde hair falls over metal frames glasses that make his face appear younger than it is.



Sammuel was a caretaker at a nature center where the body of a slain hunter was found.
He has a degree in biology and is working on his doctorate, studying the feeding habits of the barred owl.

Lunatic Cafe

Sammuel knew that the last reported bear attack in St. Gerard County was in 1941, thus putting Titus plans at keeping the other cops out of his hunting setup in jeopardy.
Sammuel called Anita with news that there was possibly a werehyena in the vicinity, which would be a possible explanation for the hunter's death. Only Aikensen knocked on his door while he was on the phone with Anita and shot him dead. Even though Aikensen never said a word on the phone when he picked it up, Anita knew it was him.

Appearance LuC