Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Title Deputy Sheriff of St. Gerard County

Height:at least 6'2"
body:shoulders are broad
Skin tone: Pale, freckled



His partner was Troy.

Lunatic Cafe

Aikensen immediately became enemies with Anita when he tried to prevent her from entering the crime scene with the dead hunter. He pulled a gun on her.
Aikensen killed Sammuel Williams, Deputy Holmes and her partner Deputy Lind
because they knew too much about his other activities. Namely, providing a secure area for wealthy hunters to go lycanthrope hunting. Anita was on the phone with Williams at the time, and while he did not speak, she knew it was him.
He was killed by Anita when she escaped their capture. She stabbed him in the groin with her knife and sliced upwards.

Appearance LuC