Name Meaning: Appointed

Race: Lycanthrope - Werejaguar

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift

Age 20's

Height:taller than six feet
Hair:rich-honey blond and sun-streaked
face:His earlobes are all scarred
Skin tone:golden tan



Seth belongs to Itzpapalotl.

Obsidian Butterfly

He was in the first show that Anita saw at the Obsidian Butterfly. He chose Anita out of the audience because she matched the body type of one of the "brides." He doesn't realize her lycanthrope powers.
He offers "tribute" to the vampires by cutting his earlobe or cutting his penis with his silver knife and allowing them to drink the blood from the small wound. Anita surmises that Itzpapalotl must give her lycanthropes special healing abilities, because the anti-coagulant in a vampire's saliva should have prevented the wound from closing.
Seth's wounds are healed almost as fast as they are cut.
He accepted the role of sacrifice during one of Itzpapaoltl's shows. Pinotl drew out his life energy and caused Seth's skin to dry up and collapse so that in the end, Seth looked like a desiccated mummy.
Pinotl put a jade ball in Seth's mouth and sewed it shut.

Appearance OB