Name Meaning:

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift

had sex with: Raina

Features He weighs about 300 pounds, and most of it muscle. His hair is buzzed down to his head in a fine prickle, making his head look too small for his body.



His looks are deceiving, he is massive but there is intelligence in his eyes.

Burnt Offerings

When Stephen and Nathaniel were in the hospital, Anita called him, Lorraine and Kevin to protect them.
Of the three, he was the first one to go to his knees and acknowledge Anita as Lupa.

Incubus Dreams

Teddy is part of the "Furry Coalition". He is the one at the hospital with Gil to make sure he is not sent to a secure facility.

Appearance BO, ID