Name Meaning: She Who Entangles Men

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Deceased - Killed by Harley


Powers: Shapeshift

had sex with: Sabin

Hair:wavy waist-length hair
Eyes:hazel eyes



Cassandra was an alpha werewolf who was part of a triumvirate consisting of herself, Sabin and Dominic.
She was in love with Sabin, but could not accept his need to drink blood. She wanted him to stop, and he did. But because of his choice, half his body began to rot. They had to seek Anita's help in the hopes of her healing Sabin, but they did not tell her they were part of a triumvirate. Cassandra was simply a visiting werewolf.

The Killing Dance

As an alpha werewolf, Cassandra intimated to Anita that she was seeking the position of Lupa when she came to St. Louis, but acknowledged that Anita already held that position.
Cassandra has a master's degree in magical theory and mentioned it when she was able to reveal some knowledge of necromancy during the time that Anita raised the vampires Willie, Liv and Damian in the daytime.
Because of Sabin condition, the only way to preserve the triumvirate was to either heal Sabin somehow or hope that Dominic's spells could keep his insanity locked up. Because otherwise, if the Vampire Council must kill him, they would kill Cassandra and Dominic as well.
Their triumvirate had a deal with Marcus and Raina. The lycanthropes were supposed to kill off Anita. They failed.
When Edward shot Dominic, Cassandra attacked him. Harley then attacked her and shot her dead.

Appearance TKD