Name Meaning: From The Hares' Wood

Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Height:about 5'10
Hair:curly brownish-red receding in a soft circle to nearly the middle of his head
Eyes:pale greyish green with gingery red lashes
body: slender



Harley is a mercenary in Edward's entourage and also a psychotic.

The Killing Dance

Harley considers Anita scarier than either Jean-Claude or Richard, which disturbs her to no end.
He has a problem with working on his own - he needs someone like Edward to give him orders and instructions. During the battle with Sabin, Dominic and Cassandra, he had killed Cassandra, but Sabin had knocked Edward out, so he was confused. Anita tried to get his attention, but Harley was already too far gone, so she shot him.

Appearance TKD