Name Meaning: God Is My Oath

Race: Lycanthrope - Leopard

Status: Alive

Powers: Shapeshift

had sex with: Gabriel, Nathaniel, and Caleb

Height:about 6'
Hair: Long dark hair formed in waves about her shoulders

Leopard Features
Eyes:pale green
Fur: black



Elizabeth is a wereleopard who made Gabriel into a lycanthrope by shifting during sex.

Laughing Corpse

She was with Gabriel at the lycanthrope meeting.

Burnt Offerings

When the council came to St. Louis, Elizabeth was summoned by Padma and she brought the other wereleopards with her.
Elizabeth hates Anita because she killed Gabriel.

Narssus in Chains

Elizabeth was ordered by Anita to be responsible for Nathaniel when he went to visit dominance and submission clubs. However, she neglected her duty at one point, allowing him to be captured by Marco.

Appearance LaC, BO, NiC