Name Meaning: Rage Like A Dog

Race: Lycanthrope - Leopard

Status: Alive

Powers: Shapeshift

Age early 20's

had sex with: Elizabeth

Hair:rich brown curls, cut short in the front and long on top
Piercings:One eyebrow has a ring piercing, his bellybutton has a tiny silver dumbbell piercing, and his nipples have silver rings.
Skin tone:darkly tanned, almost as brown as his hair


Narssus in Chains

Caleb is one of the new wereleopards enlisted to keep Anita warm while she heals. He's naked at the time.
Caleb is about 5 inches shorter than Elizabeth, but that doesn't prevent him from having sex with her.
When Anita was trying to heal Gregory, everyone stripped, but Caleb had to keep his pants. He circled around a nude Cherry, showing definite interest, but then Zane comes between them, growling a warning at Caleb.

Cerulean Sins

He was told to stay with Anita by Micah. When the hunger rises in Anita she only sees him as food.

Incubus Dreams

When Micah describes the events in his other pard he comments that he thinks that Caleb used to enjoy the torture of others. Anita's thought in response was that she couldn't think less of Caleb anyway.

Appearance NiC, CS Mentioned ID