Race: Vampire

Status: Undead

Age least 100 years old

Hair:thick, brown (tinted burgundy) hair shaved close to his head, with a shock of hair that comes from the top and hangs down to his eye
Eyes:the color of new pennies, as if they have a hint of blood in them


Narssus in Chains

Faust is one of two vampires at the club, Narcissus in Chains, that Asher brought to protect Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard as they married their marks. The other vampire was Meng Die.
His clothing is covered in zippers.
Faust doesn't know enough to stand away from a door where a someone with a gun might be standing behind it.

Cerulean Sins

He is mentioned to like men which keeps him safe from Musette.

Appearance NiC, CS