Name Meaning: Treasurer

Race: Lycanthrope - Swan

Status: Deceased - Killed by Edward

Powers: transform at will

Hair:short white hair , cut in a strange Mia Farrow sixties haircut, but gentler. It is baby-fine and feels like feathers.
face:white eyebrows look feathery
Skin tone:pale



Kaspar was a prince in his own land, and a hunter, who was cursed by a witch. He was cursed to turn into a swan. "Something beautiful and harmless," as Raina has said.
Kaspar owns his own business, as shown by the business card he gives to Anita which reads: Kaspar Gunderson, Antiques and Collectibles.
Apparently he is several centuries old. His curse was meant to teach him to be gentle and kind. However, his pride and arrogance have not dimmed in the passing of years. They have merely been muted so that they are not easily seen.

Lunatic Cafe

Kaspar tells Raina at one point that she cannot kill him, even with silver. She agrees, but notes she can make him wish she could, indicating torture.
Kaspar is in charge of setting up lycanthropes to be hunted. using Titus and Aikensen to control the lycanthropes until it is time for the hunters to go after them.
Although he escaped when the police arrived, Edward hunted him down and skinned him, giving the swan skin to Anita. A note added that Marcus had paid him for the kill

Appearance LuC