Name Meaning: First Born Daughter

Race: Vampire

Status: Unknown - Killed by fire?

Hair:dark hair in long cornrows down to her waist
Skin tone:the color of coffee with two creams



Kissa is a master vampire
Kissa knew Jean-Claude in the past, because he noted aloud that she was still with Seraphina, when he himself had been with her as well.

Bloody Bones

Kissa has the essence of raw sexuality, but Anita surmises it is one of her illusory powers, as is the scent of spices in the air when she is nearby.
She used Jeff Quinlan as a shield when the vampires came for Anita and Larry. When they fed on the other humans present, Mr. Stirling and Ms. Harrison, Anita noticed Kissa was not allowed and also noted she hadn't fed in a while.
It is presumed that she was in the coffin on the stage of Bloody Bones Bar and Grill, but she is not named as being within it. If she was, then it is also presumed she was destroyed in the same fire that killed Seraphina, Bettina, Pallas, Janos, Ellie, Xavier and Jeff. It is possible, though, that the coffins on the stage contained only Xavier and Jeff and she might be still abroad

Appearance BB