Name Meaning: To Be Heard

Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Title Riker's right-hand man

body:the same bulk as Olaf
Skin tone:African-American



Simon works for Riker.
Obsidian Butterfly

Simon recognizes Edward and calls him the Undertaker. He also used to work for Van Cleef, but he came in after Edward had already left.
He is very observant, because he notice that Anita doesn't want to talk about her kills, but that Edward got her to talk about them.
Before he died, Harold admitted to Anita and Edward about hearing Simon make a radio call to someone, saying that he had failed and that he needed someone to clean up the mess.
Simon managed to shoot a wooden stake into Edward's back.
Simon was eventually attacked by Quetzalcoatl, his lower torso ripped open and his intestines spilling out. He was still alive, and tried to crawl to his gun, but Anita kills him.

Appearance OB