Name Meaning:

Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Verne's order

Features He is a big man, with pale features.


Blue Moon

Terry was one of the original group of men sent to "rough up" Anita and her crew in Myerton, TN. He initially attacked Jason, but ended up being thrown into a pick-up truck. He could have broken his back, but didn't.
Initially not named, Terry was instead referred to as "Rifle Man" since he was holding a rifle at the time his group caught up with Anita's group in the forest, outside the lupanar.
During the attack, his arm was taken off from the elbow down. Either by Jason or Zane.
Eventually, Terry admits to Anita that they were hired by Frank Niley. Since Anita promised he could go to the hospital if he talked, she lets him go. But Verne orders his death behind her back.

Appearance BM